Genna/Finn is a book about two girls who meet online, with a mutual (obsession) love for a tv show. This book is formatted so that you’re reading their texts, emails, letters, and fanfics. I found Genna/Finn to be extremely relatable in the fact that my friends and I all obsess over tv shows too. My … More Genna/Finn


  Primates is a graphic novel, written by Jim Ottaviani and drawn by  Maris Wicks. The novel is really funny and drawn really well, I wasn’t sure how interesting it would be, but I didn’t feel like I was reading about the lives of Jane Goodall,Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas, but like I was reading a … More Primates

Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me(And Other Concerns)

  Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me(And Other Concerns) is an autobiography, about Mindy Kaling. I loved this book; Mindy’s funny personality kept it engaging and not boring like some autobiographies I’ve read. I was attracted to this book because I recognized as an actress from the show  “The Office” and also from the show … More Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me(And Other Concerns)

Eleanor and Park

  Eleanor and Park was written by Rainbow F. This book tells the tale of two high school sweethearts, in 1986. If you’ve read the book Fangirl, then you might like it as Rainbow F also wrote Eleanor and Park. I really enjoyed this book; I couldn’t put it down. I will admit that at first, … More Eleanor and Park


  I read SweetHearts by Sara Zarr. I really enjoyed how throughout the book the main character Jennifer had several flashbacks to her childhood.  I was  expecting it to be a really cute high school story, but I wasn’t quite like that. The characters, for the most part, were realistically portrayed.Well, I thought that everyone … More SweetHearts