My Friends

Hey Everyone,

This Friday will make a week since I’ve been out of that place called school. So far, my summer has been great, and I’m hoping my friends and I can meet up to see that ‘Me before you’ movie. In utter and complete honesty, I only want to see it because of Sam, the actor who played Finnick in the Hunger Games. Anyway, this post is an excerpt from my autobiography that my classmates and I had to write this year. What is down below is one of my dedication pieces, this one is for my friends. Please enjoy, and even comment what you and your friends are like.

My friends have also played an important part in my life; I can’t imagine my life without my friends or who I’d be if I hadn’t met them. We share a plethora of inside jokes, smiles, and laughs. The conversations we have are crazy and not meant for outside ears, coming in the middle of our conversations. For our talks sound strange and concerning and sometimes only really make sense to us. Over the years, my friends have taught me many things, from new vocabulary, to how to look at things in different perspectives, to music artist, to what a smile can do and also that change is good. All my friends are different, but alike in many ways. Like our ray of sunshine, the MJ enthusiast, the girl who’s going to own 100 dogs when she’s 20,the really chill artist with lots to say on public rights, the Star Trek/NCIS lover, the girl from district 12 who has to stay AWAY from sugar, the equestrian/ honorary Teen Titan, the roadrunner who could probably draw something amazing as she runs a five K, and the shutterbug with a big heart and lots of talent. With all of my friends being amazing at lots of things and so many different things, I’ve learned and seen a lot. So thank you squad, for being there. For putting a smile on my frowning face, contemplating life with me, ranting, acting wired out in public with me, and dealing with me. The secret of life is that people change people and my friends have done that with me and each other, in lots of good ways. I hope that I’ve had some sort of positive influence on your lives, like you all have for me. It’s the end of eighth grade year and it hit me at the end of the dance when everyone was crying, as I was in the car, and then again in my room. It hit me that middle school was over, and that we won’t all be together this fall. The most frightening thing, besides us splitting up was the fact that I didn’t want middle school to end. As  awful as it sounds, I almost want to relive the last three years of our lives together in an effort to stop the impending doom of High School. However, I haven’t made the time machine for us to go back in time just yet; so for now, we will just have to wait for it to happen. I’ve been told that high school will be the best four years of my life, I don’t know what to think about that. I do know that it won’t be anything to me if I’m not with you guys.

Even though, we won’t all be together next year, it won’t matter and we won’t change. That we will still be us. Fortunately, we live in the twenty first century where we have some pretty cool technology; meaning that we can easily contact each other.  I’m not saying goodbye, because nothing’s going to change, more like a “see you later” or” when do you want to hang out this summer?”.  In other words, all of us who were crying and sad, dry your tears because nothing is going to change.

I hope you all enjoyed, comment down below, if will.


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