I read SweetHearts by Sara Zarr. I really enjoyed how throughout the book the main character Jennifer had several flashbacks to her childhood.  I was  expecting it to be a really cute high school story, but I wasn’t quite like that. The characters, for the most part, were realistically portrayed.Well, I thought that everyone except for Jennifer was portrayed realistically. Jenifer thought about Cameron Quick a lot, and so much to a point where I found it slightly unrealistic. I can’t think of a book that relates a lot to this, in reading this book and looking for another  book  or two I would recommend Just listen and Every Last Word.  I couldn’t really connect to this book, personally, but the author made it easy to empathize with Jennifer. I really enjoy reading books  about high school or with main characters who are in high school, so if you’re interested in realistic fiction that takes place in high school I recommend this book.



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