Genna/Finn is a book about two girls who meet online, with a mutual (obsession) love for a tv show. This book is formatted so that you’re reading their texts, emails, letters, and fanfics. I found Genna/Finn to be extremely relatable in the fact that my friends and I all obsess over tv shows too. My friends and I all read fanfiction. If you were to look at my laptop, you would see a window open with 8 different fanfictions stories I’m reading.(If you don’t read fanfics or know what that is, I’m crying). Some of us, myself included, write or have written fanfiction. So, as soon as I saw that, I was hooked. You will also be hooked once you start reading, as it’s such a great book. Throughout the book, I was surprised in many ways, from the romance to their extremely different personals lives, to the huge tragedy. In conclusion, Genna/Finn is an amazing book that you all should definitely consider reading sometime.


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