Eleanor and Park

  Eleanor and Park was written by Rainbow F. This book tells the tale of two high school sweethearts, in 1986. If you’ve read the book Fangirl, then you might like it as Rainbow F also wrote Eleanor and Park. I really enjoyed this book; I couldn’t put it down. I will admit that at first, … More Eleanor and Park


  I read SweetHearts by Sara Zarr. I really enjoyed how throughout the book the main character Jennifer had several flashbacks to her childhood.  I was  expecting it to be a really cute high school story, but I wasn’t quite like that. The characters, for the most part, were realistically portrayed.Well, I thought that everyone … More SweetHearts

My Friends

Hey Everyone, This Friday will make a week since I’ve been out of that place called school. So far, my summer has been great, and I’m hoping my friends and I can meet up to see that ‘Me before you’ movie. In utter and complete honesty, I only want to see it because of Sam, … More My Friends

The Disappearing Essay

Crying can seem like a negative thing at times, but crying could do you a lot of good. I’m not saying I love to cry; or that I’m a crybaby or something. Trust me I’m not, and I prefer to cry alone where no one can see me. However it’s a great to let your feelings out, an example for me happened recently. It was about three weeks ago…. … More The Disappearing Essay


Welcome! So Hello Everyone, and welcome to my blog. I’m Hannah, here I’m going to give you my opinions on what’s happening in the world. I will also share thoughts, book reviews, possibly even movie reviews, and tips. My goal is to post on  Wednesdays. I travel a lot during the summer, so hopefully, I … More Introduction