My Friends

Hey Everyone, This Friday will make a week since I’ve been out of that place called school. So far, my summer has been great, and I’m hoping my friends and I can meet up to see that ‘Me before you’ movie. In utter and complete honesty, I only want to see it because of Sam, … More My Friends

The Disappearing Essay

Crying can seem like a negative thing at times, but crying could do you a lot of good. I’m not saying I love to cry; or that I’m a crybaby or something. Trust me I’m not, and I prefer to cry alone where no one can see me. However it’s a great to let your feelings out, an example for me happened recently. It was about three weeks ago…. … More The Disappearing Essay


Welcome! So Hello Everyone, and welcome to my blog. I’m Hannah, here I’m going to give you my opinions on what’s happening in the world. I will also share  thoughts, book reviews, possibly even movie reviews and tips. My goal is to post on  Wednesdays. I travel a lot during the  summer, so hopefully I … More Introduction